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Working Holiday Visa – Extension

Applicants who wish to extend their current working holiday visa, can do so after completing 3 months of specified work in regional Australia. Meaning of ‘Specified Work’ All specified work performed on or after 1 December 2015 must be remunerated in accordance with the relevant Australian legislation and awards, you should be paid at leastRead more

What is a registered migration agent?

What is a registered migration agent? At First Class Migration, we provide a professional service to those whom wish to stay temporarily or permanently in Australia. We thought to provide an insight to our clients and prospective clients about our profession and how our expertise assists you. In order to become a migration agent, oneRead more

Amendment to Backpackers Tax

Backpackers Tax The backpackers tax has been a controversial issue in parliament for longer than they should care to admit. Whilst the Coalition agreed to reduce the tax from 32.5% to 19%, Labor remained committed to a 10.5% tax. (This percentage being applied to every dollar earned in Australia) The argument in the Senate finallyRead more