How We Work

How We Work

How to start the visa process

At First Class Migration we understand your fears and concerns. We are here to make your journey to a new life easy and simple.

Even though the visa process can seem overwhelming and confusing, The First Class Migration team has years of experience, and we will always act honestly and in your best interest.

First Class Migration has a proven process that has worked for all of our clients.

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We love to take the time to talk to you one on one, so we can get a thorough understanding of your needs and strategise on the best visa pathway for you, and your family if applicable.

Before we commence acting on your behalf, we will send you a formal costs agreement, which is also a requirement as per our stringent Code of Conduct as registered migration agents.

The costs agreement will clearly outline our professional fees and the relevant application fees, as well as expected processing times and what you can expect from our service to you.

We will then work closely with you, and your employer if applicable, to collate all relevant documentation and information to ensure a professional, complete, thorough application is lodged ensuring all legislative requirements are met.

Then all you need to do is sit back and think about your new life in Australia.

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