UPDATE: Dissallowance Motion For The Assurance Of Support

UPDATE: Dissallowance Motion For The Assurance Of Support


We have received official word from our industry association that the Australian Coalition Government has changed their position on the Social Security (Assurance of Support) Determination. The AoS is required for all Contributory Parent visa applications and the stipulated change would have made it very difficult for children to sponsor their parents overseas. This determination proposed to massively increase the eligibility requirements for the AoS, which is generally paid by the children of parents. The proposed change included increasing the AoS income threshold from $45,185 to $86,606 for single applicant or a combined $115,475 a year for a couple.

On 9 May 2018, the Senator for the Greens put into the Senate a Disallowance Motion which has signalled the Australian Government to amend the determination to revert the AoS requirements as to how they were prior to 1 April 2018. This is great news for all parent visa applicants, as it would have severely eliminated the eligibility of many to apply, subsequently separating families.

We will provide more information as it becomes available to us.

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