New Update: NSW is finally open for state sponsored migration!

New Update: NSW is finally open for state sponsored migration!

First Class Migration Australia are extremely excited to report that the State of NSW is FINALLY open for state sponsored migration (subclass 190 and 491) for financial year 2022-23 with the introduction of a new NSW SKILLED OCCUPATION LIST.

The new skilled occupation list for NSW was introduced on 7th September 2022, and we are very pleased to note many occupations which are currently only on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), have made it on to the 190 NSW list, creating a possible transition to permanent residency!

It is also apparent from this list, that NSW are NOT going to fill their skilled migration quota inviting applicants in occupations which are on the Priority Skilled Migration Occupation List (PMSOL) or Medium to Long Term Skill Shortage List (MLTSSL), presumably as they want these roles to be nominated and supported by an employer via the employer sponsorship routes available (subclass 482/186/494).

We have also noted that many of the occupations on the NSW occupation list are occupations which otherwise would not have a permanent visa pathway, and further, these occupations require the least amount of points/experience to be eligible. Again, we assume this is because these occupations struggle to secure employer sponsorship yet are occupations which are still very much required to fill shortages within the State of NSW.

Based on the newly introduced NSW skilled occupation list, it would appear the States are pushing the PMSOL and MLTSSL applicants in to the employer sponsored routes, whilst creating options via state sponsorship for the STSOL occupations.

Such examples include:
3514 – Cooks
3613 – Veterinary Nurses
3621 – Florists 3622 – Gardeners
3623 – Sports Turf Managers and Trades Workers
3911 – Hairdressers
4112 – Dental Hygienists, Technicians and Therapists
4113 – Diversional Therapists
4114 – Enrolled and Mothercraft Nurses
4117 – Welfare Support Workers
4523 – Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials
5996 – Insurance Investigators, Loss Adjustors and Risk Surveyors
3511 – Bakers and Pastrycooks
1494 – Transport Services Managers
1321 – Corporate Services Managers
1399 – Other Specialist Managers
1411 – Cafe and Restaurant Managers
1413 – Hotel and Motel Managers
1493 – Conference and Event Organisers
1494 – Transport Services Managers
1499 – Other Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers
2124 – Journalists and Other Writers

To be eligible for NSW nomination you must meet the minimum point score AND minimum years of work experience in your occupation’s unit group.

However, please note, a positive skill assessment is also a requirement for any state sponsored application, and whilst NSW may not require any experience, or only 1 year of experience, the skill assessing authority generally and often require relevant experience.

We have already received many enquiries from potential applicants, who have the relevant qualifications to an occupation on the NSW list, yet no experience. Whilst NSW may not require any experience to meet “their” requirements, the skill assessing authority normally always require a certain number of years to be positively assessed!

We do also stress, an Expression of Interest needs to be lodged, and an invitation received, before a visa applicant can apply for the NSW state sponsored subclass 190, or 491 visa.

If your occupation is on the NSW list – as per the link below, we recommend you book a consultation with one of our highly experienced and helpful registered migration agents to assess eligibility and advise further.
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