Introducing The Temporary Skills Shortage (Subclass 482) Visa

Introducing The Temporary Skills Shortage (Subclass 482) Visa

Yesterday, Sunday 18 March 2018, the long-anticipated subclass 482 visa came into effect, signifying the end of an era for the Temporary Work (formerly Temporary Business) subclass 457 visa. The greater part of the new legislation for the 482 visa has been released and we are pleased to confirm the below-mentioned details for our clients affected by these huge changes.
1. Labour Market Testing: A mandatory requirement for all new nomination applications

Under the new subclass 482 visa legislation, all nomination applications for all occupations require evidence that Labour Market Testing has been met to ensure that businesses have advertised sufficiently for the nominated position within their local Australian labour market. To our clients, we advise that you MUST advertise for all positions you nominate henceforth and be able to produce evidence demonstrating that you have done so.  Please note that all advertising must be conducted within the last 12 months (changing to 6 months after 12 June 2018).

2. Market Salary Rates: Ensuring you satisfy all market salary criteria

An important reminder to all of our corporate clients that you must research and ensure you satisfy all aspects of market salary criteria in order to lodge a nomination application. Thus, an equivalent Australian worker employed in a similar position to the nominated applicant must receive the same or similar salary as per the market salary data OR external salary surveys must be provided.

3. English Language Ability: Raising the English language requirement benchmarks  

English language ability has been increased minimally for applicants with an occupation on the Medium-term list. They will now require an equivalent to IELTS 5 in each band.

4. Qualifications of Nominee: Using two years post-graduate experience

Please note all applicants will now require at least two years full-time or equivalent employment experience in the occupation being nominated. If we are relying on qualifications to meet the occupation skill level, the applicant must have two years post-graduate experience on top of the qualification.

We will supply more information as it becomes available.

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