Important Changes to Employer Sponsored Migration (Permanent Residency)

Important Changes to Employer Sponsored Migration (Permanent Residency)

On April 19th 2017 the Government announced a major shake up to the 457 visa stream causing chaos within the industry for weeks thereafter.

However, most didn’t realise the impact these announcements also had on employer sponsored permanent visa applications! The emphasis of these announcements was solely on the “457 visa being abolished”.

Our agents at First Class Migration Australia QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY absorbed all information contained in these announcements and have proactively been notifying our clients on a regular basis, of these changes and their effect.

These changes come in to effect in March 2018 – the date in March is yet to be confirmed.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that anyone who is eligible for employer sponsored permanent residency before March 2018 —– APPLY!!!

 We stress this to both sponsoring employers and visa applicants as both parties are affected by these March 2018 changes.

To summarise the March 2018 changes:

  • In March 2018, only applicants who have an occupation on the Medium to Long Term Skill Shortage List (MLTSSL) will be able to apply for Direct Entry employer sponsored permanent residency – at the moment this stream is open to applicants with an occupation on either the MLTSSL or the Short Term Skill Occupation List (STSOL) but this ceases in March 2018. Therefore anyone who is eligible for employer sponsored migration through the Direct  Entry Stream but has an occupation on the STSOL MUST apply before March 2018. Direct Entry requires a positive skill assessment, and with some assessing authorities taking 12 weeks to process, this needs to be thought about NOW – not next year.
  • In March 2018 only applicants with an occupation on the MLTSSL (Medium to Long Term Skills Shortage List) will be able to apply for employer sponsored migration through the Temporary Transition Stream– however it was first rumoured that there would be “grandfathering” provisions for those who held a 457 visa which was approved before 19th April 2017 – worryingly there has been no update on this, or confirmation of this and no clarification as to what “grandfathering provisions” actually means.
  • March 2018 any applicant applying for temporary residence transition stream permanent residency will require to have undertaken 3 years of full time employment in their nominated occupation with their sponsoring employer whilst holding a 457 visa – this is increasing from 2 years which is current legislative requirements.
  • The age limit for temporary transition stream employer sponsored migration is decreasing from “under 50” to “under 45”. It decreased for Direct Entry to “under 45” on 1 July 2017.

Training Levies are being introduced as of March 2018 for employer sponsored migration – this will cost between $3000 –  $5000.00 per main applicant you sponsored for permanent residency – we believe this will need to be paid by the sponsoring employer

Training levies are being introduced in March 2018 for the new TSS visa also – this will be between $1200 – $1800 per main applicant PER YEAR – so a 4 year TSS will be subject to $7200.00 in training levies.  Therefore as an employer, should you decide not to sponsor your 457 eligible visa holder for permanent residency and apply for a further visa down the track – you will be hit with these training levies.

For more information and to find out if you are eligible please contact the First Class Migration office.

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