Following stricter COVID-19 restrictions being enforced across New South Wales, the First Class Migration Australia office will be moving offsite. Our team will still be very much available but working remotely from Wednesday 21st July 2021 to adhere to the latest COVID-19 restriction criteria.

All our staff will be available via email during normal office hours to assist you. The email addresses of our experienced migration agents are as follows:

Michelle Le’Fevre – ua.mo1631840442c.noi1631840442targi1631840442mssal1631840442ctsri1631840442f@ell1631840442ehciM1631840442

Tanya Tekuleka – ua.mo1631840442c.noi1631840442targi1631840442mssal1631840442ctsri1631840442f@ayn1631840442aT1631840442

Silvana Lakic – ua.mo1631840442c.noi1631840442targi1631840442mssal1631840442ctsri1631840442f@ana1631840442vliS1631840442

You are welcome to contact our office manager Sherri Croucamp at ua.mo1631840442c.noi1631840442targi1631840442mssal1631840442ctsri1631840442f@irr1631840442ehS1631840442 or one of our migration agents with any queries you may have.

The First Class Migration Australia team will be working remotely until Monday 2nd August 2021, unless the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are extended. We appreciate your understanding and support during these challenging times.  Keep safe and well!