Changes to Australian Parent Visas & the introduction of a temporary Parent Visa

Changes to Australian Parent Visas & the introduction of a temporary Parent Visa

Changes to Australian Parent Visas & the introduction of a Temporary Parent Visa

The Australian government has been assessing the Parent visa pathways currently offered as part of Australia’s Permanent Migration Programme and are discussing changes to be implemented on 1 July 2017.

Australia encourages parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents to be afforded the opportunity to be with their family in Australia. However, the current intake of parents remaining permanently in Australia does place an undue financial burden on Australian tax payers.

Whilst visa application fees are expensive, it is calculated that a parent emigrating to Australia will cost taxpayers $335,000 – $410,000 per adult during their lifetime. As such, the government is attempting to reduce the costs on the Australian community whilst also providing the opportunity for parents to visit their children and grandchildren in Australia.

As such, a few major changes are being considered. One includes the introduction of a Temporary Parent visa. This permits the applicant to reside in Australia with their family for up to five years. There are a few defining characteristics pertaining to this visa:

  • The applicant must hold adequate private health insurance;
  • The applicant must be sponsored by their Australian child;
  • There will be a ‘bond’ arrangement, meaning a sum of money will be paid by the sponsor to ensure the applicants temporary residence in Australia; and
  • The applicant will be afforded the opportunity to renew their visa for further period of five years.

There will also be changes made to Permanent Parent Visas. For those unaware, there are two permanent parent visa options, the Parent (Non-Contributory) and the Contributory Parent visas. The non-contributory is a lower Visa Application Fee (VAC), but higher processing time. The current processing time is 30 years. The Contributory Parent visa is a higher VAC, currently $43,000.00 per adult applicant with a shorter processing time of two years.

The changes likely to occur is a VAC increase for the Contributory Parent visa and the eligibility for the Non-Contributory Parent visa to be narrowed. The increase in costs and narrowing of eligibility appears to be the government’s attempt to reduce the undue financial costs on the Australian community

Further, these changes to the Contributory and Non-Contributory Parent visa categories will presumably encourage more parents to remain temporarily in Australia. As such, we can conclude the reasoning as to why the new Temporary Parent visa is being introduced.

At present, we are unaware of how much the VAC will increase or the new eligibility requirements. However, we urge all those who are hoping to be reunited permanently with their parents in Australia, or parents wishing to remain with their children in Australia to contact us about eligibility as soon as practicable.

As stated, all changes will come into effect on 1 July 2017. This is less than 12 months to apply for a Permanent Parent visa.

If you would like further information, or would like you or your parent’s eligibility assessed, please do not hesitate to contact our office or email

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