BIG Changes Announced to the Skilled Occupation Lists

BIG Changes Announced to the Skilled Occupation Lists


The changes to the occupation lists have been announced. These changes will apply from 17 January 2018. Please note, this does not apply to applications lodged before 17thJanuary 2018 that are in the pipeline, it only effects applications lodged on or after 17thJanuary 2018.

The occupation lists only effect 457 visa applications and ENS Direct Entry Stream – it does not affect the ENS Temporary Residence Transition Stream as this does not rely on an occupation list.

Occupations added to the STSOL 

ANZSCO Occupation Caveats
612112 Property Manager  Yes
272314 Psychotherapist  Nil
612115 Real Estate Representative  Yes

Occupations moved from STSOL to MLTSSL

ANZSCO Occupation Caveats
121316 Horse Breeder Yes
224711 Management Consultant Yes

**No occupations moved from MLTSSL toSTSOL

Occupations removed from the lists completely

ANZSCO Occupation
312112 Building Associate
142114 Hair or Beauty Salon Manager

Occupations with caveat only changes

Occupation – ANZSCO       Caveat change
Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec – 141999 New caveat – can only be applicable to regional areas
Management Accountant – 221112 New caveat –  excludes clerical, bookkeeper and accounting clerk positions.
Must be in a business with a minimum annual turnover of $1million and in a business with no fewer than 5 employees.
Massage Therapist – 411611 Wording amendment
Recruitment Consultant – 223112 Amended caveat – new $90,000 plus super minimum salary – also must be sponsored by a business with a $1million turnover and no fewer than 5 employees.
Supply and Distribution Manager – 133611 Amended caveat – excludes front-line retail setting, businesses with less than $1million turnover and must have a base salary of at least $65,000 plus super.
Taxation Accountant – 221113 Amended caveat – excludes clerical, bookkeeper and accounting clerk positions. Must be in a business with a  minimum annual turnover of $1million and in a business with no fewer than 5 employees

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